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Job Tips in a Bad Economy

It's official that the U.S economy is in a recession. That means lower consumer confidence, major companies cutting their payrolls, business staff reduction, and of course unemployment. The service industries will especially be hit hard, such as the auto industry, that means that thousands of people will be at unemployment offices seeking new jobs. Also recent college graduates will find it harder to land jobs in this competitive market. But jobs can be found, if you know where to look. Also you can add a little more security to your job by applying certain job etiquettes.
Here is a list of tips and advice on how to find a job and keep a job in a recession.

1. Network

2. Prepare Yourself

3. Be the "Model" Employee

4. Don't overlook Freelance Work

5. Expand your Skill Set

6. Have an "Exit Strategy"

How to find a Job during a Recession

It can be hard to find a job in Good Economic times, but what are you suppose to do when jobs are hard to find? Here is a great video featuring career coach Maggie Mistal, she offers great advice on how to find a job during a recession.

Get Free Samples

In a bad economy where everyone is trying to save and spend wisely, getting free items is a blessing. There are many companies who are still giving out free samples of their products and services. You can easily get free household products, free food samples, free makeup samples, and many other products. Here is a great site that you can use to get access to free samples.

Job Hunting Tips - Find a Job Online

If you're looking for a job, here is a video where you can learn how to use the internet and electronics to find a job from a professional job consultant.